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Collective ritual-performance “Fire, Fire, Set Us Free!” by Rasa Kavaliauskaite

Samstag 4.8., ab 01:00, Ort: Hofbühne

From time to time one comes to a realisation that they drag feelings, emotions, superstitions and projections from other people in themselves, that they still carry disappointments, failures long after situations that provided them are long gone. It's time to get rid of them, clean up and free oneself. It's an interactive, participatory performance-ritual, based on white magic cleaning with fire ritual, where it is believed that burning old love letters over the candle or writing down your troubles and throwing them in a fireplace helps out to let go, forget and move on. During the performance the performer talks about what is troubling them (patriarchy/social norms/gender roles/conflicts/etc.) while walking or sitting around the fire and burning objects that symbolizes discussed issues: pieces of clothing, letters, etc. This symbolic action of freeing oneself is joined by the audience that can write down their troubles and watch them burn, to burn blockages that limit experience of wholeness, freedom and enjoyment of life. 

Rasa Kavaliauskaite

Rasak is an agender, pansexual, polyamorous, left-handed, vegan culture worker, activist and tour guide based in Vilnius (Lithuania). Their academic and creative field is based on intersections between visual art and music (focusing on art history perspective). Rasak occasionally having lectures in Vilnius Art Academy on these topics. Intersections of human and animal rights reflects more on their activism field where they, together with other individuals and NGOs, are fighting to have a better life for all.



Samstag 4.8., 18 :00 - 19:00, Ort: Hof/Park

Hierarchy, control over one’s body, synchronisation – these associations belong to the world of ballet, of the military, of today’s society. In the Anti-Fascist Ballet School, these categories will be exorcised, rather than reproduced. The Anti-Fascist Ballet School takes ballet and somatic work with the body as a starting point to reveal roles in the preservation of ideologies and power relations of the present. This project goes back to the roots of ballet, examines its potential for empowerment, and rediscovers the activist body. We invite you to the open trainings taking place in the social biotopes of shopping malls, parks, public squares. Anti-Fascist Ballet School is an offer open to everyone, to collectively uncover unconscious physical states of being, to rediscover the sense of touch and physical trust and to gain the courage to face the unknown today.

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